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Our products are active substances that cannot be used on their own. Therefore, we can provide technical assistance to help develop formulations using our molecules.

C-Tech’s aim is to develop custom made solutions that will perfectly meet your needs.

We also offer some ready-to-use products in our standard range :

Aversion® solutions (water, MEG, ethanol…)
Aversion® packed in Hydrosoluble bags for easy handling
Rodrepel® & Termirepel® master batches PE, EVA based in our standard range but any other carrier resin can be produced for quantities above 3000 kg
Rodrepel® water solution is available for spraying.
Rodrepel® gel is under testing for long-term monument protection.
Termirepel® water solution is under development for timber protection and other various applications.

Almost any type of production is possible.

We can guarantee the effectiveness of our aversive in cables up to 50 years.



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