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Western culture and traditions have mainly taught that the only way not to be disturbed by animals is to kill them. As the Hindu philosophy strictly forbids killing or harming any animal, the Indians had to develop alternative solutions.

Research and experience enabled us to develop new molecules that repel the animals without harming them. Our products are aversive for animals: the animals just stay away from the protected item.

The study of animal behavior combined with the use of leading edge chemistry has led to the creation of Rodrepel® and Termirepel®. Both products are non-toxic and environmentally safe: they are part of sustainable development.

Rodrepel® and Termirepel® do not seep into underground water sources.

Imagine the consequences of animal damage: gnawing on cables might cause a short circuit in a train, a nuclear power plant ...



The only non-toxic animal aversive
Our laboratories have spent several years studying animal behavior, resulting in the creation of a new molecule combining olfactory, cutaneous and aversive properties that attack the animal’s senses. Humans cannot smell the product.

How it works:
Fear: has an odor that smells like predator urine
Discomfort: the animal’s mucous tissue is severely affected
Aversion: extremely foul tasting
Association: the animal remembers the bad experience and stays away

Targets: house pets, rodents (rats, mice, rabbits…), game, birds (pigeons, starlings, seagulls…), fish.

Main uses: Protecting monuments, buildings, cables, saplings and seeds…


TERMIREPEL (www.termirepel.com)

The most effective insect and termite aversive. The product works in the same way as the hormones that control the metamorphosis process.

How it works:
Hinders growth
Develops inability to reproduce

Targets: Termites, ants, worms, mosquitoes, caterpillars…

Main uses: Protecting timber, cables, and seeds and as a substitute to pesticides.



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