No. It will only make them unconfortable. If ever they swallow Rodrepel, they will always recover.

No. It will only affect their hormones. They do not suffer or feel any pain.


You may immediately vomit and feel uncomfortable for a while (it’s the purpose of the products) but you will recover without any problems.


Due to their properties, we recommend wearing gloves and a mask. The products are very volatile, bitter and pungent.

Send your inquiry to us via email or fax. You can also call us, if you prefer.
On receiving your inquiry, we will send you confirmation detailing the product with price and delivery schedule. Once we agree on the terms, we can also send you a sample for your approval before shipment.

To get a price quote, you will have to let us know the following:
Product, quantity, your packaging specifications, if any, and whether you would be interested in an annual contract.


With our regular clients, we are always flexible with minimum quantity.
However, for new clients, minimum quantity would need to be confirmed by us.
Do I have to order all the same packaging?
No. As mentioned above, you can choose among various packaging.
We can also pack the goods in packaging supplied by you or as per your specifications.


Most of the products are readily available.


We deliver by ground, air, sea, post, international parcel or courier, your choice.
Shipping is not included in the product price.


We prefer to quote in Euros but also accept USD.

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